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  1. The Blue Ridge Community College Fitness Room is located in the Industrial Skills Building and is open during designated times for the use and enjoyment of students, faculty, and staff. Priority of use is given to scheduled classes. When no classes are in session, the facility may be used by employees or students at no cost, as provided for herein.
  2. Family members or guests of students or employees may not use the facility at any time. Early College High School students may use the facility under direct supervision of a faculty or staff member.
  3. Fitness Room rules of operation shall be prominently posted in the facility and strictly adhered to by all users. Unauthorized use of the facility or misuse of equipment shall be governed by Blue Ridge Community College Policies and Procedures Section 3.11.1 Disciplinary Action, Suspension, or Dismissal (for employees) and by the Student Code of Conduct section in the Blue Ridge Community College Catalog (for students).