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RevisedNovember 28, 2011

  1. Title:  This Publication shall be known as the Blue Ridge Community College Policies and Procedures Manual.
  2. Authority: This Manual includes policies approved by the Board of Trustees governing Blue Ridge Community College and administrative procedures which the President may deem appropriate to implement those policies. This Manual, together with applicable federal and state laws, the North Carolina Administrative Code, and referenced policies contained in other official college documents, shall constitute the fundamental guidelines for the administration of the college. No policies will be developed, maintained or implemented without prior approval of the President and the Board of Trustees.
  3. Conflicts: While this manual contemplates the development of other, more detailed and specific procedures for the operation of various functions of the College, all such procedures shall be consistent with the Board policy statements contained in the Manual. In the event of conflict between policies and procedures of this Manual and other procedures of the College, the provisions of this Manual shall prevail.
  4. Interpretation: In the event any provision of this Manual shall appear to be vague, indefinite, out of date, or in conflict with other provisions hereof or with local, state, or federal laws, the Board shall be the ultimate authority for the interpretation thereof. An invalid section or portion of this document shall not invalidate any other section of the Manual nor shall an invalid statutory reference to a state or federal law or regulation invalidate that intended reference.

  5. Definitions:

    • Board: The Board of Trustees of Blue Ridge Community College
    • BRCC: Blue Ridge Community College
    • Business Office: Division of the Office for Administrative Services
    • College: Blue Ridge Community College
    • Manual: The Blue Ridge Community College Policies and Procedures Manual
    • NCCCS: North Carolina Community College System (System Office)
    • North Carolina Administrative Code: Regulations applying to state agencies
    • Online: accessible via the Internet
    • VP: Vice President
    • Web: Blue Ridge Community College Internet Web site
  6. Maintenance: The Chief Institutional Advancement Officer/Assistant to the President is responsible for the maintenance and currency of the Blue Ridge Community College Policies and Procedures Manual.
  7. Amendments: Proposed additions, deletions, and modifications to the Policies and Procedures Manual may be initiated in accordance with Sec. 1.1 Policy and Development. Once so approved, the change(s) will be posted online and simultaneously distributed to the holders of Manuals in notebook or CD form. Changes become effective as dated and supersede all other policies, rules, regulations, and commitments approved by the Trustees of Blue Ridge Community College and the President. All employee contractual agreements made after that date are made under the terms and conditions of the new policy, regardless of the original appointment date.

Titles Guidelines

College Reorganization: Effective July 9, 2008, a reorganization of the College was put into place which affected numerous sections of the Manual. Until such changes can be individually changed, not only in this document, but also in other publications, forms, and electronic files, the following shall serve as an interim conversion guide for titles and organizational units:

In any section of the Policies and Procedures Manual, in any College publication, or on any form or document (printed or electronic), where reference is made to a College “Dean,” the new and corresponding title is “Vice President,” however, within the new Division of Instruction, each of the four directors shall hereafter be titled “deans” as shown below:

Previous Title

New Title

Dean for Instruction

Vice President for Instruction

Dean for Technology and Development

Vice President for Technology and CIO
(Chief Information Officer)

Dean for Student Services

Vice President for Student Services

Dean for Administrative Services

Vice President for Finance and Operations

Director of Applied Technology

Dean for Applied Technology

Director of Arts and Sciences

Dean for Arts and Sciences

Director of Allied Health

Dean for Allied Health

Director of Business and Service Careers

Dean for Business and Service Careers

Director of Basic Skills

Dean for Basic Skills

JobLink Career Center Director

Dean for Workforce and Economic Development

Transylvania Center Director

Dean for Transylvania Programs

Dean for Continuing Education

Vice President for Economic and Workforce Development/Continuing Education

Organizational Guidelines

In any section of the Policies and Procedures Manual, in any College publication, or on any form or document (printed or electronic), where reference is made to an “office,” or “department,” the new and corresponding term is “division” and similarly, where reference is made to a “division,” the new and corresponding term is “department,” as shown below:

Previous Term

New Term

Office for Instruction

Division of Instruction

Office for Technology and Development

Division of Technology

Office for Student Services

Division of Student Services

Office for Administrative Services

Division of Finance and Operations

Office for Continuing Education

Division of Economic and Workforce Development/Continuing Education

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