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RevisedSeptember 6, 2017

  1. Blue Ridge Community College attempts to provide extracurricular activities for students since the College believes that such activities contribute to the overall growth and educational development of an individual. Students are expected to exhibit high standards of responsible citizenship during all college functions whether on or off campus. The Division of Student Services encourages and helps conduct a program of student activities. The student activity program is a part of the educational experience of the student. All student activities will be totally non-discriminatory.
    Student Government Association: The Student Government Association (SGA) is made up of representatives from the student body. The SGA coordinates and regulates student activities and serves as the official voice of the student body. The President of the SGA is a non-voting member of the Board of Trustees of Blue Ridge Community College. The constitution of the SGA is filed in the Division of Student Services. State funds cannot be used for athletics or other extracurricular activities, therefore, almost all such activities at Blue Ridge Community College are established and maintained by SGA funds. SGA funds are derived from a portion of student activities fees.

    The SGA budget will be approved by the SGA Executive Board and submitted for approval by the President and Board of Trustees as early in the school year as possible. Once approved, no further approvals for expenditure of funds will be required by the SGA Executive Board, unless changes to the budget are adopted. All expenditures of funds must still be approved by the SGA Advisor and the Vice President of Student Services.

    The SGA Advisor or designee has the authority to approve an increase to a budget item by up to ten percent and transfer funds to cover such overages without requiring additional SGA action.

  2. All regulations or amendments passed by the Student Government Association are subject to review by the administration of the College.
  3. The Establishment and Operation of Student Clubs: Blue Ridge Community College maintains that extracurricular activities complement the academic programs. Students are encouraged to participate in all phases of the student activities program as long as such participation is consistent with sound educational practices.
  4. The following criteria must be considered by clubs who seek recognition as an official student organization at Blue Ridge Community College:
    1. The organization must serve an area of student activity need.
    2. The membership provisions must not exclude anyone because of his or her race, color religion, gender, national origin, age, disability or sexual orientation.
    3. The organization must agree to abide by the regulations and policies of the College.
    4. The organization must at all times reflect positively on Blue Ridge Community College.
    5. The purpose must be compatible with the philosophy and educational objectives of the College.
    6. Organization meetings will normally not be scheduled during any class time for members, and members are not granted excused absences to attend.
  5. The procedures for the establishment and recognition of student organizations at Blue Ridge Community College are as follows:
    1. The organization seeking recognition must present to the Student Activities Coordinator a petition containing the following:
      1. The name of the proposed organization.
      2. The purpose of the organization.
      3. The constitution, which will govern the operation of the organization.
      4. A list of students who would make up its charter membership (minimum of ten students is required).
      5. The name of the faculty/staff advisor as selected by the organization and approved by the Administration.
    2. All membership materials of the proposed organization shall be reviewed by the Student Activities Coordinator for initial approval and presentation to the Vice President for Student Services.
    3. The Vice President for Student Services shall review the petition and make a recommendation to the President of the College. The President will make a final decision and notify the Vice President for Student Services.
    4. The organization advisor shall serve as the liaison between the organization and the Coordinator for Student Activities. He/she shall exercise supervision over membership, operation, and activities of the organization. Blue Ridge Community College reserves the right to suspend the activities of any student organization when its activities are considered to not be in the best interest of the College.
  6. Social or recreational activities: Social or recreational activities are considered an integral part of a student's education at Blue Ridge Community College. Activities sponsored by the Student Government Association or any other student organization such as dances, picnics, or free-food days are provided for the students. These events must be properly supervised. This is normally the responsibility of the club advisor. Students, faculty, and staff of Blue Ridge Community College are invited to attend these functions. Students attending such activities are not granted excused absences from class.
  7. Sports Activities: Blue Ridge Community College wishes to keep whatever athletic and school activity programs it embarks upon at a minimum cost. The following guidelines apply:
    1. Intramural sports will be encouraged at all times where practical, with reference to space and time.
    2. College teams that are formed through outside agencies (YMCA, Parks and Recreation, etc.) shall be comprised of Blue Ridge Community College students and/or graduates. In the event that the College does not have enough players to finish a season or tournament, non-students or non-graduates will be allowed to participate.
    3. The Student Activities Coordinator will serve as supervisor for intramural and recreational activities on and off campus.
  8. Supplies and materials or any purchase for student-related activities must follow the procedures established by the Division of Finance. Reference policy 5.6.1 for more information.
  9. Purchases must be voted on during club meetings and fully identified in the club’s minutes stating the item(s) to be purchased, the place of purchase, and the approximate cost of the item.
  10. Club advisors must complete requisitions for purchases approved by the club.
  11. All requisitions and purchases must be presented as a motion in club meetings, passed by majority vote, and recorded in club minutes.
  12. For any purchase costing over one thousand dollars ($1,000), three bids must be obtained and attached to the requisition.
  13. The Division of Finance will issue purchase orders after the completion of the requisition process.
  14. Once the purchase order is complete, only then can purchases be made.
  15. Any charge statements, cash register receipts, or invoices supplied by vendors should be forwarded to the Division of Finance for payment.
  16. Club officers or advisors can obtain printouts of club balances. Please contact the Division of Finance in advance for these printouts.
  17. Cash must be handled according to the following guidelines:
    1. Money to use for change for student-related fundraisers is available from the Division of Finance. The maximum amount is fifty dollars ($50).
    2. Club officers shall submit the request in writing indicating how much money is needed, how it is to be divided, who will be picking it up, when it will be picked up, and the purpose of the money to be issued. The club advisor must sign this request. If a moneybox is required, this too shall be outlined in the request. All requests shall be made in advance.
    3. All money from fundraising activities is to be turned in to the Division of Finance within twenty-four (24) hours of the fundraiser. In the event that the activity is held on a weekend or holiday, all money is to be turned in on the first day that Blue Ridge Community College reopens.
  18. All student organizations must have an elected president, secretary, and treasurer. Under no circumstances shall one student serve as all three officers. In the event that the organization has one student who must serve as both secretary and treasurer, the minutes must be signed by the club advisor, club president, and one other club officer.
  19. For funding from the Student Government Association, other Blue Ridge Community College organizations must submit minutes to the Student Activities Coordinator and the Division of Finance; they must send a representative to SGA meetings and participate in SGA activities, and they must sponsor at least one major activity per semester.
  20. Fund-raising activities by students on campus must be reviewed by the Vice President for Student Services and the Executive Director of the Blue Ridge Community College Educational Foundation and then approved by the President. All fund-raising activities must reflect positively on Blue Ridge Community College, and the purpose of the fund-raising activity must be compatible with the general philosophy and educational objectives of the College. Upon approval, the President will notify the Blue Ridge Community College Educational Foundation Office and/or the Division of Finance of the fund-raising activity, as appropriate.
  21. Any funds remaining in a student organization that dissolves and/or becomes inactive will revert to the Student Government Association account or to the applicable chartering organization.

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