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RevisedJuly 14, 2014

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Blue Ridge Community College has rules for the orderly conduct of its employees. They are designed to protect all employees, as well as the College, against irresponsible conduct. All employees are expected to perform their work in a careful and efficient manner and to be courteous and respectful to all colleagues, students and visitors. Continued employment is dependent upon the employee’s attitude and behavior, as well as the employee’s ability to perform his or her job, and to comply with established policies, procedures, practices and rules.

  1. The President shall establish procedures for taking disciplinary action, suspending, and recommending the dismissal of employees. The rules and procedures for due process shall be contained in Procedure 3.11.1 Disciplinary Action, Suspension, or Dismissal and shall be made available to all College employees on the College’s Web site.
  2. The authority to dismiss an employee shall be limited to the President with the President notifying the employee.
  3. The authority to suspend an employee, with or without pay, shall be limited to the President or, in the case that the President is not immediately available and an employee’s continued presence on campus is not in the College’s best interest or is a health/safety issue, the President’s designee.

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