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ApprovedOctober 1, 2002
RevisedApril 2February 6, 20142019

The next and final level of appeal, except to the courts, is to a review board consisting of the Vice President for Student Services and the Vice President for Instruction.
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  • Minor students, ages 16 and 17, may enroll in a high school completion program at the College in order to acquire a Driver’s License Eligibility Certificate or to retain a previously issued driver’s license or permit. Procedures are as follows:
  • Enrollment Procedures: The student must submit an Affidavit for Admission to Blue Ridge Community College. The Affidavit must include the notarized signature of the parent or guardian. If the student has been out of school less than six months or is applying for Adult High School, the signature of the high school superintendent must also be included. The student must submit an official high school transcript (Adult High School only). Then the student must contact a Basic Skills staff member or instructor to register for High School Equivalency Diploma or Adult High School classes, to schedule placement tests, or to review academic and attendance policies.
  • Attendance and Academic Progress Procedures: Eligibility requirements for the program are established by the North Carolina State Legislature. To become eligible for the Driver’s License Eligibility Certificate, a minor student must attend sixty (60) hours of class per month for six consecutive months and demonstrate academic progress by one of the following: passing two High School Equivalency Diploma tests, or earning two Adult High School units, or increasing scores on each subsequent standardized test if enrolled in Adult Basic Education or English as a Second Language
  • If a student fails to meet the attendance policy during any single month or fails to make academic progress at the end of the six month period, the NC Division of Motor Vehicles will be notified and either the student’s previously issued driver’s license or permit will be revoked. A student who does not yet have a license or permit must begin a new six-month period of study in order to obtain the Eligibility Certificate.
  • If a student’s parents request a Hardship Certificate, the request will be considered by a committee consisting of the Director for Basic Skills and the Coordinator for Adult High School/Human Resource Development.
  • If the student’s parents are not satisfied with the decision of the committee, they may, within ten (10) days, appeal to the Vice President for Economic and Workforce Development/Continuing Education.
  • Approved: October 1, 2002; Revised: April 2, 2014

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