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Serving Henderson and Transylvania Counties in Western North Carolina
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November 10, 2003

  1. An ongoing informational program describing the dangers of narcotics, alcoholic beverages, and stimulant drugs is conducted by the Division of Student Services. Posters and other printed materials obtained either commercially or from agencies such as the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information federal agencies are posted campus-wide.
  2. Copies of the publication "Agency Directory for Henderson County" have been purchased by the Division of Student Services for use Online resources containing agency directories for Henderson and Transylvania Counties are used by counselors and other appropriate personnel in referring clients to community resources. A copy of this publication will be maintained as a reference item in the College Library.
  3. In addition to the "Agency Directory for Henderson County," a list of clinics or other institutions which provide services to people who abuse substances will be posted on campus Individual referrals to outside agencies will be made during counseling sessions by trained personnel in the Division of Student Services.
  4. Use of narcotics, alcoholic beverages, and stimulant drugs is listed as a specific major offense in the Blue Ridge Community College Policy Governing Student Misconduct. This policy is published in the College Catalog. This publication is distributed to prospective and new students and is available from the Division of Student Services. Professional assistance may be required as a part of any disciplinary process enacted as a result of the commission of this offense.
  5. Each new student will be provided drug abuse prevention information verbally during orientation sessions scheduled prior to the beginning of each semester. These sessions are conducted by the Vice President for Student Services.
  6. Materials concerning drug abuse prevention will be purchased and made available to students through the Division of Student Services.
  7. Drug abuse prevention information in the form of a brochure is direct mailed annually is sent to all curriculum students, both new and continuingreturning at the beginning of each semester in the form of an email. In addition, all employees of the College receive the same information, distributed through the campus mail email system.
  8. Blue Ridge Community College will cooperate fully with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in cases of felonious acts involving narcotics, alcoholic beverages, and stimulant drugs.
  9. Where employees of Blue Ridge Community College are concerned, professional assistance and referral services will be provided the same as for students.

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