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titleRevision History

August 4, 2008; November 2, 2011, November 1, 2017

  1. All full-time employees shall be evaluated on their performance by their supervisors on an annual basis, no later than May 31 of each year.
  2. Part-time temporary employees shall be evaluated informally or as necessary. Newly hired employees who have worked less than 90 days may also receive informal evaluations.
  3. Evaluations shall include a discussion of the employee’s progress or lack of progress meeting stated goals and the employee’s performance in regard to job duties and responsibilities. Employees shall complete forms stating professional development activities, job accomplishments, work related activities and technical competencies that have been achieved during the past year or that are desired or required for the employee to perform the stated job duties.
  4. In conducting such employee evaluations, each supervisor should use a standard College evaluation form, which employees shall complete and sign. The reviewing supervisor may add or attach written comments to the form which shall be signed by both the employee and the supervisor and a copy submitted to the respective Vice President, then signed and forwarded to the Human Resources Director for inclusion in the employee’s personal fileAll employees will be evaluated annually. Every full-time employee will have a conference with his/her supervisor to go over their annual evaluation. An outcome of this conference will be a development plan to include strategies for improvement. The Human Resources Department will be responsible for coordinating and monitoring the evaluation process and may implement a timeline for the evaluation process. Development plans and evaluations will be retained in the personnel file.
  5. Supervisors may only use evaluation instruments that have been approved by the Human Resources Department. The President may use a different evaluation instrument and procedures when evaluating employees reporting directly to the President; however, these employees shall be evaluated annually.
  6. All full-time and part-time (adjunct) curriculum faculty, in addition to the evaluation procedure above for full-time faculty, shall be evaluated by their students on standard forms or via an online evaluation instrument provided and administered by the Vice President for Instruction. Currently, all courses are evaluated by students through an online system. Student names or e-mail addresses shall be omitted from the evaluation instruments to maintain confidentiality.
  7. In addition to the evaluation methods stated above, Division Deans or Chairs shall make at least one announced or unannounced in-class or online observation of each full-time curriculum faculty member at least once per year.  Department Deans, Chairs or Coordinators shall Coordinators shall make at least one announced or unannounced in-class observation of each part-time faculty member during the part-time faculty member’s first semester, and at least once a year thereafter.Department
  8. Deans, Chairs or Coordinators will Coordinators will make observations of all online classes taught by either full-time or part-time faculty members during the first semester an instructor teaches a new online class  class to ensure adherence to all applicable Blue Ridge Community College distance learning policies and procedures.  Regular Regular reviews of online courses will take place thereafter.
  9. Economic and Workforce Development/Continuing Education and Basic Skills instructors are evaluated by their students through the use of standard survey instrument. Such surveys are administered by the Basic Skills and Division of Economic and Workforce Development/Continuing Education for each class taught. Results of the evaluations shall be shared with the instructor.

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Change History