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3.1 Hiring

3.2 Professional Ethics

3.3 Employment Letters of Appointment (or Contracts)

3.4 Non-state or Non-locally Funded Positions

3.5 Nepotism

3.6 Working Hours

3.7 Employee Leave

3.8 Salary and Wage Plan

3.9 Benefits and Pay

3.10 Employee Evaluations

3.11 Employee Conduct, Disciplinary Action and Right of Appeal 

3.12 Employee Grievance and Due Process

3.13 Reduction in Force and Involuntary Leave (Furlough)

3.14 Drug-Free Workplace

3.15 Unlawful Discrimination and Harassment

3.16 Employee Tuition Exemption

3.17 Wellness Activities

3.18 Secondary Employment

3.19 Sexual Harassment

3.20 Political Activities of Employees

3.21 Professional Development

3.22 Employee Awards and Recognitions

3.23 College Records

3.25 Personal Mail for Employee