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Policy TrackingDate
ApprovedApril 17, 1997
RevisedAugust 31, 2015

  1. Faculty will serve as advisors to all students assigned to them. Advisees will be assigned by the Division of Student Services.
  2. Faculty will arrange their schedule to be on campus and available to advise students during advising days and registration periods.
  3. Faculty should encourage students to consult with their advisors on all problems concerning their work at the College.
  4. Faculty should be available during posted office hours to help advisees with problems.
  5. Faculty will ensure that each advisee understands the required prerequisites and that the advisee is eligible to take the courses they have selected.
  6. Faculty should help with orientation of new advisees.
  7. Faculty should suggest that each advisee confer with them as needed.
  8. Advisors should alert the appropriate counselor in the Division of Student Services if additional help is needed with an advisee.