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RevisedFebruary 6, 2019

  1. Procedures for registration of Curriculum students are as follows:
    1. Procedures for registration will be provided by the Registrar prior to the beginning of each semester. Dates of registration are listed in the Catalog, and in other official college publications and on the College’s Web site. Students are expected to register on the day or days specified for each semester. Special registrations may be held at the discretion of the Registrar and the Vice President for Student Services.
    2. Changes in schedules are made by the student using the College's online registration system or with the faculty advisor.
    3. The College reserves the right to cancel any curriculum or course for reasons of insufficient enrollment or lack of funds.
    4. Upon completion of registration, final enrollment statistics are provided to the proper College personnel.
  2. Procedures for the registration of Non-curriculum students are as follows:
    1. The Vice President for Economic and Workforce Development/Continuing Education is responsible for conducting and supervising registration activities at the Henderson County Campus and at the Transylvania County Campus and at other locations as may be required. The Vice President may authorize instructors to assist the registration activities during the first class session.
    2. Pre-registration for classes can be made electronically, in person or by mail with enrollment available on a first-come, first-served basis. If a class fills with pre-registrants, a waiting list will be maintained for the current semester only. Late registration is held at the first class meeting. All students must complete a Student Registration Form.
    3. All students registering in advance of the beginning of class will be given copy of their receipt, which allows the student to enter class. Class rosters of pre-registered students will be furnished to instructors for the first class session. In order to comply with the College’s Internal Audit Plan, instructors will witness the student’s signature on this roster and return it to the appropriate Dean or coordinator. Students who register in class will also complete a Student Registration Form and sign the roster.
    4. The College follows refund guidelines in accordance with the State Board of Community Colleges Code. Procedures for granting tuition and fee refunds are outlined in procedure 4.6.1.
      1. Insurance fees are non-refundable.
  3. Student Identification Cards
    1. All curriculum students (full-time or part-time) enrolled at Blue Ridge Community College and taking classes on campus are required to obtain a student identification card (ID card) at the time of registration for classes. Students in specific non-curriculum programs are also required to obtain a student ID card.
    2. ID cards will have a photograph of the student and will contain embedded data. The card may be used at the College Library, in Blue Ridge Community College computer labs, or for admission to College activities or events. Students enrolled in certain classes such as “clinical” or work-based learning classes must display their Blue Ridge Community College identification.
    3. ID cards will be issued at the College Bookstore. To obtain an ID card, students must have a current semester schedule and one other means of identification. Students will be charged a nominal fee for the ID card and replacements. All ID cards will remain valid for one year.
    4. The President, a College Vice President or Associate Vice President, and Blue Ridge Community College Campus Law Enforcement have the authority to retrieve a student ID card in the event of a disciplinary action by the college, such as suspension or dismissal, or in the event of misuse of the card, such as using the card for false identification.