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RevisedNovember 3, 2020

High school students who are North Carolina residents and enrolled in public, private or home schools may enroll at Blue Ridge Community College provided the student is progressing toward high school graduation and meets the qualifications for Career and College Promise (CCP).

  1. Admission for high school students enrolling in CCP require that the student submit a CCP Admission Application, parent permission form, and a high school transcript. High school test scores and/or a recommendation may also be required depending on the selected pathway(s).

    High school students must be enrolled in a CCP Pathway: either College Transfer Pathways or Career Technical Education Pathways. Students may not enroll in any course that is not approved for CCP. Students may enroll in one College Transfer Pathway and one Career Technical Education Pathway or no more than two Career and Technical Education Pathways with prior approval from the College and the High School Principal/designee. All students must meet admission requirements as outlined in the State Board of Community Colleges Code.

  2. Tuition for high school students enrolled in CCP is waived. Students are responsible for fees, supplies, and textbooks. During the summer term, high school students will share equally in the cost of tuition for self-supporting classes.

  3. High school students enrolled in Blue Ridge Community College courses taught on the high school campus are exempt from fees and are ineligible for benefits financed by fees.

  4. High school students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the Blue Ridge Community College Henderson County Campus and Transylvania County Campus.

  5. All other applicable College regulations apply to high school students upon their admission to Blue Ridge Community College.

  6. All other provisions of the State Board of Community Colleges Code and the Manual on Work-based Learning Programs in North Carolina High Schools and Community Colleges apply to high school students.

  7. Students earning a grade of “C” or “P” or higher may repeat a course only once unless approval is given by the appropriate dean. Some programs, such as Associate Degree Nursing and Emergency Medical Science, have specific course repeat requirements which are found in the Blue Ridge Community College Student Catalog.
  8. Unless they are participating in a CCP program, the College cannot offer enrollment options for students who are under the age of sixteen (16) unless they have earned a high school diploma.