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ApprovedNovember 10, 2003

  1. Military Leave with pay may be granted to eligible employees who are members of the United States Armed Forces Reserves for up to 120 working hours during the federal fiscal year, prorated for full-time employees working less than a 40-hour workweek. Such leave allows attendance for regularly scheduled unit training assemblies (drills) or any type of active military duty except for extended active duty. This does not apply to duties resulting from disciplinary action or inactive duty training performed for the convenience of the member. Leave without pay shall be granted for periods of extended active duty, including voluntary enlistment and other entries into active military service or for attendance in service schools. Employees will be granted necessary time off for a required physical examination relating to membership in a reserve component without charge to leave.
  2. There are several other instances when military leave without pay may be granted. Additional information regarding Military Leave is contained in the NC State Code.
  3. The National Guard acts not only as a reserve of the US Armed Forces, but as the militia of the state. There are special pay and leave provisions that apply when the Governor authorizes the National Guard to participate in special activities or other State duties such as domestic disturbances, disasters or search and rescue missions, pursuant to G.S. 127.80.
  4. Employees may also use vacation leave or military leave without pay. Such uses should be arranged with the employee’s supervisor.