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RevisedSeptember 12, 2016

  1. The President shall provide for the safekeeping of all College records related to the College's operation.
  2. Custodians of the various types of records shall be the Vice Presidents of the College or a designee of the President. These custodians shall be responsible for ensuring that use and release of records is in accordance with statutory limitations, rules, and procedures.
  3. Reproduction and destruction of all College records shall be in accordance with federal and state statutes and the Public Records, Retention, and Disposition Schedule (Schedule) published by the North Carolina of Community College System. The President shall ensure compliance by delegating this responsibility to the Vice Presidents of the College.
  4. Unless otherwise specified in policy or in the Schedule, any and all documents maintained by the College may be destroyed no earlier than two (2) years after the reference value ends for the documents. Transitory records (records that have little or no long-term documentary or evidential value) may be destroyed immediately unless otherwise required in the Schedule.