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Policy TrackingDate
RevisedSeptember 12, 2007

  1. The President shall identify and assign to the cognizant administrative units the responsibility for development, maintenance, and implementation of all institutional policies and procedures.

  2. In this document, policies are defined by having a one decimal numbering system (e.g., 1.2) and procedures are designated by having a two decimal numbering system (e.g., 1.2.3). All policies are approved by the Board of Trustees and procedures by the President.
  3. Proposed additions, deletions, and modifications to the Policies and Procedures Manual may be initiated in any of the following ways:
    1. By the Board of Trustees
    2. By the President or a Vice President
    3. By a standing committee or ad hoc committee of the College
    4. By any Blue Ridge Community College employee submitted to his/her Vice President through his/her immediate supervisor and/or dean
    5. By the Student Government Association as a body or by any student submitted through the SGA
  4. No policies will be developed, maintained, and/or implemented without prior approval by the President and the Board of Trustees.