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Policy TrackingDate
ApprovedJune 1, 2011
RevisedNovember 9, 2012

  1. Programs must be originated or sponsored by program areas of Blue Ridge Community College and consistent with the mission of the College. Agencies within Blue Ridge Community College’s service area may be resources for programming under the direction of the appropriate BRCC department.
  2. Ideas for new programs should be submitted to the BRCC Educational Television Coordinator. A submission form can be obtained from the Educational Television Coordinator office. Final approval for programming will be made by the President. All submissions must be submitted at least 6 months in advance of the requested target air date.
  3. Programs will be offered at the time of day that is most appropriate for the target audience of that particular program. The Educational Television Coordinator will create the program lineup in conjunction with the Education Channel Committee and the Media Services Department. Program frequency, the number of times a program airs per week, will be determined by the Educational Television Coordinator and will be based on program priorities and time and space available.
  4. The content of all programs should meet the test of appropriate community standards for Henderson County and be consistent with and support the mission of Blue Ridge Community College. This means that programming should not include profane language, pornographic images or content, extreme violence or graphic content that would be unacceptable for general audiences. The purpose of programming on this channel is to educate and inform people within the College’s Service Area; therefore, most programs should have significant educational content.
  5. Televised classes in the form of “Telecourses” are appropriate and encouraged. These courses are usually offered for college credit but may be offered for the benefit of our viewers as non-credit enrichment programs. Blue Ridge Community College Interactive Video Courses (ITV) may also be offered either “live” or taped. Pre-recorded demonstrations or features that support face-to-face classes may also be offered.
  6. Programs can be developed for cultural enrichment purposes. These programs may take the form of live or taped performances, dramatic presentations, concerts, readings, interviews with visiting scholars or artists, or other formats that appropriately present the content of the show.
  7. At times program partners may work with the College to create or acquire programming. A partner could be an external organization, patron, or unit of local government who shares or supports the educational mission of the College in this process. Program partners must provide all releases and certification of permissions and copyright for all material submitted for inclusion in BRCC Programs including: images, music, videos and text.
  8. Information about events and activities to be aired on BRCC-TV should be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the desired air date. Message may be submitted from the BRCC-TV website at
  9. The programs offered by Blue Ridge Community College on The Education Channel should be nondiscriminatory. Programs on the channel will not discriminate against people of any race, age, sex, ethnic, cultural, or social background. Disparaging or harassing language will not be tolerated in any form.
  10. BRCC-TV does not air political programs that promote any candidate or party. It may, from time to time, offer structured debates or general informational programs that provide an opportunity for a balanced presentation from all parties and points of view on issues of public importance.
  11. The College President and/or designee reserve the right to review all programs before broadcast to determine compliance with the above guidelines, objectives, and restrictions.
  12. BRCC-TV is not a public access channel.
  13. All material submitted for broadcast must meet BRCC-TV technical standards for audio and video. Programs submitted may be rejected if they are deemed not to be technically worth airing.
  14. Copyrighted material will not be broadcast unless appropriate clearances have been obtained, and written proof of such clearance can be presented to BRCC-TV.
  15. BRCC-TV will accept underwriting for selected programs or for the general support of the Channel. BRCC-TV shall strictly adhere to the Federal Communications Commission’s (“FCC”) adopted rules and published policies and opinions concerning commercial underwriting for noncommercial, educational broadcasting. The BRCC-TV Underwriting Guidelines shall be available online and revised at least once per year under the direction of the CIO.
  16. Public Service Announcements (PSAs) from public or governmental agencies and from Blue Ridge Community College program partners may be accepted and aired.