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RevisedNovember 10, 2003

  1. The minimum number of hours required to qualify as a full-time student is twelve (12) semester hours. No student may take more than twenty-one (21) semester hours without written permission from the Vice President for Instruction. Requests to take course overloads will be considered in conjunction with the student's previous academic performance.
  2. Any student enrolled in two or more educational institutions concurrently during a semester shall give each respective institution complete enrollment information including the name of each, the number of credit hours taken, the class schedules, and other relevant information. No curriculum student simultaneously attending more than one institution, public or private, may exceed a course load of 21 credit hours collectively, at any time during a semester, without prior approval from the Vice President for Instruction at Blue Ridge Community College. A student who violates this policy may be prohibited from taking courses at Blue Ridge Community College for one academic year.