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RevisedApril 17, 1997

  1. Counseling: Counseling Services are available for students who desire short-term counseling for assistance with vocational, educational, or personal problems. All sessions with the counselor are conducted in strict confidence. Counselors are available both day and evening.
  2. NCWorks: Career counseling is available through NCWorks. The counselor can offer aptitude and interest testing along with consultation. A variety of materials are maintained to help individuals develop realistic and well-informed career goals. Although the College cannot guarantee the placement of its students, NCWorks provides information concerning current employment opportunities prior to, and after, graduation for those who are completing or have completed programs of study. It is the student's responsibility to contact NCWorks of his/her availability for employment.
  3. Job Placement Services: Although Blue Ridge Community College does not guarantee placement upon graduation, every effort will be made to help students find suitable employment. There are also opportunities for part-time employment for current students. Records of interested employers will be maintained and interviews with prospective employers will be arranged. There will be no charge to industry or students for this service. Information on job-seeking skills is available in NCWorks.
  4. Disability Services: The Disability Services Office supports eligible students in ensuring equal access and full participation in all programs and activities sponsored by Blue Ridge Community College.
  5. Housing: The College does not provide housing; students commute to campus from their place of residence. Students seeking local housing will be referred to the Division of Student Services for suggestions.
  6. Resources: Students with limited income may be eligible to receive vocational and technical training funds offered through NCWorks. Funds are available for single parents, displaced homemakers, WIOA-eligible students and students in non-traditional curricula. Benefits include tuition, textbooks, childcare costs and required tools or uniforms.