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RevisedNovember 13, 2017

  1. Scope − The President of Blue Ridge Community College is the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for implementing the policies of the Board of Trustees. The President is accountable for the College’s institutional programs, fiscal affairs, supervision of the administrative and instructional staff, and the operation of the physical plant.
  2. Working Relationships − The President reports to the 15-member Board of Trustees. The following positions report directly to the President: Associate Vice President for Finance, Vice President for Student Services, Vice President for Instruction, Vice President for Economic and Workforce Development/Continuing Education, Vice President for General Administration, Associate Vice President for Transylvania County Campus, Executive Director of the Blue Ridge Community College Educational Foundation, and Executive Assistant to the President.
  3. Experience − A minimum of 10 years of increasingly responsible experience, including direct oversight of academic programs and administrative support services, is required with at least 5 years of experience in an administrative and supervisory capacity in a community college or similar academic environment. Experience in a North Carolina community college is valuable, but not essential.
  4. Education − A doctoral degree from an accredited college or university with 10 years of increasingly responsible experience, or a master’s degree with 15 years of increasingly responsible experience in higher educational administration required.
  5. Absence − During the temporary absence or incapacity of the President, the College's Vice Presidents have been collectively delegated the responsibility for the total operation of the College. In the event of long-term absence or incapacity of the President, the Board of Trustees shall appoint an Acting President who shall have the authority of the President and assume all duties and responsibilities of the President.
  6. Duties and Responsibilities -
    1. Acts as the liaison between the activities of the College and the Board of Trustees. Attends all Board meetings as a non-voting member and serves as Secretary to the Board.
    2. Develops and recommends appropriate educational and operational policies to the Board of Trustees. Advises committees of the Board of Trustees on the needs of the College and provides support where needed.
    3. Responsible for all operations of the College as designated by N.C. General Statute 115-D.
    4. Serves as an ex-officio member (with voting privileges) of the Blue Ridge Community College Educational Foundation Board of Directors.
    5. Employs all personnel of the College, as delegated by the Trustees, subject to standards established by the State Board of Community Colleges.
    6. Provides executive leadership for strategic, operational, and long-range planning, program assessment and accountability, policy development, institutional effectiveness, and institutional advancement.
    7. Provides executive leadership for the on-going development, implementation, operation, and evaluation of College educational programs and services.
    8. Provides executive leadership for the marketing and promotion of the College, its mission, its programs, and its services, and establishes and maintains positive community relations.
    9. Establishes and maintains an administrative structure and operations systems that promote effective and efficient use of College resources. Ensures that all personnel have a clear understanding of their role and purpose in fulfilling the College mission. Effectively delegates authority to subordinates.
    10. Has control and oversight responsibilities of all fund-raising activities at the College and benevolent gift giving to the College. The President shall oversee and coordinate fund-raising activities with Blue Ridge Community College Educational Foundation (BRCCEF) in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding between the College and the BRCCEF. Fund-raising is defined as those activities, such as the solicitation of gifts and sponsorship of programs and/or events that are designed to contribute to the financial enhancement of programs, services, properties, and/or the general operation of the College. Gifts shall be defined as any type of contribution, including, but not limited to, money, grants, bonds, stocks, property, equipment, supplies, material, and labor. 
    11. Provides executive leadership for the development and administration of the College’s operating and capital budgets, and advises the Board and other agencies on the financial and budgetary needs of the College.
    12. Establishes and submits to the Board of Trustees for approval all fees to be charged to students in accordance with the policies of the State Board of Community Colleges.
    13. Serves as the final administrative authority in all due process proceedings.
    14. Represents the College in the community, region, and state; and serves as a spokesperson to promote the positive image of the College and the programs it offers, and to endorse the North Carolina Community College System.
    15. Recommends educational programs deemed to be in the best interest of College’s service area that are educationally and financially feasible and in concert with the State Board of Community College’s goals and standards.